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Iringa Region and Tanzania at large

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Alpha Agrovets Supplies Ltd

ALPHA AGROVETS SUPPLIES LTD is one of the top distributors of Agrochemicals in Iringa Region and Tanzania at large.We have our own brand which are affordable to farmers and which has proved to be worthy for the crops. We have wide range of Agrochemicals for different crops like beans, barley, cotton, wheat, flowers , maize and much more. With its aggressive marketing strategy,the company has been established its effective distribution network to meet the growing need with the respective industries at total market.


Our core goal is to reduce risks and make farming a simple and rewarding venture by providing farmers with all that is needed for a successful harvest. Alpha Agrovets Supplies Ltd offer different services

Agriculture Consultants

We are professional problem-solvers and advisers on the use and management of agricultural land, crop rotation, how to increase production, how to apply medicines, fertilizers on farms. We provide education to farmers through different ways like Evening class, Flyers, Phone and we visit them to their farms.

Product Supply

We deliver goods, from our store and supply to our customers in different places in Iringa and outside the region through our transports.

Whole Sale

We are selling goods or merchandise both Transplanting fertilizers and fertilizers for growing to retailers, to industrial, commercial, institutional, or other professional business users or to other wholesalers (wholesale businesses) and related subordinated.

Agrochemicals & Fertilizers

Alpha Agrovets Supplies Ltd stands by its commitment to providing only high quality products manufactured under internationally certified condirions and all of Alpha Agrovets Supplies Ltd are approved by local and international environmental protection agencies.
We offer a wide range of fertilizers and agricultural Agrochemicals to help our customers cultivate strong, healthy and productive crops.

Also we are selling the following products


We do sell different UREA, Fertilizers for growing, like DAP Urea and all NPK are available at our stock and we do delivery to customers who issue orders


All pesticides like Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides are available at our stock which has ability to control;-

Fog, Insects, Weeds, etc


We are selling seeds of different products like
SoyaBean, Sunflower, Vegetable, Vegetable, Tomato, etc


We are selling various plumbing and its spears
Standard Plumbing Plumbing for charging,etc

Implantation Machinery

We are also selling implantation machinery, Sprayer machines


We offer supplying service using our transport facility to different areas


Alpha Agrovets Supplies Ltd has been cooperating with different partners among of them are YARA, MONSANTO, SYNGENTA, SEEDCO, TWIGA Chemicals, Balton, KIBO Seeds, EXPORT Trading etc and lead to our success


Below is a team at Alpha Agrovets Supplies Ltd who contribute to our success






Alpha Agrovets Supplies Ltd listen to you to know your needs. Contact us through our address below


Old Bus Stand, Iringa, Tanzania


+255 767498696 / +255 769779138